Shaun Dunn was born in Portland, Oregon into a family of artists. His father was a skilled tradesman who owned a shop refurbishing fine antique furniture and his mother was an Italian-American with a flair for style and design, born to Italian immigrants.

Even as small boy, Shaun worked alongside his father learning facets of design and fine workmanship, very quickly taking on projects of his own. 

A trip to his grandmother's village in Northern Italy was inspiring as he absorbed the history and artistry he found abundant in nearby Milan and Bologna. Soon after his return Shaun enrolled at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco

Translating his skill set to a digital medium came naturally and proved successful, as he learned 3D modeling, graphic design and concept design. His newest venture Shaun Dunn Design was established when Shaun began receiving commissions from various sources and realized the need for smart and accessible design on a budget.